MistKing Replacement Nozzle?


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I've been running a MistKing setup for about a year now (on tap water) and the nozzle finally clogged. I'm sure it's the nozzle, I've taken apart all the fittings and checked each one, the pump pushes plenty of water...it just won't go through the nozzle. I've read about soaking it in vinegar or CLR, but I have a question concerning replacement nozzles in the mean time.

On the MistKing site, the nozzles are $3.29...not bad. However, a minimum order of $10 is required...so I must purchase at least four nozzles. Still not a bad idea considering I may need another replacement later on. However...shipping is showing up as just over $30. So ultimately for a $3 part, I'm looking at $40+, is there any way to get one of these things any cheaper?

I think I've read the aquazamp has nozzles that will fit the mistking and since they're in the US the shipping should be cheaper.

I also think LLL reptile is going to start carring mistking, maybe check with them to see if they will be selling nozzles as well.

I know Mistking is a great system, but for some reason my brain just couldn't wrap itself around the instructions. Took 2 weeks, finally got it running...I think.
They weren't the best with customer service.
But I agree Lol is caring them, so im sure they can help, they are great with help
There should be an opstion on there for canada pst shipping for like $8. There is no tracking or insurence but if for some reason there is a problem, I'm sure they will fix it right away! There customer service is awesome!:D Talk to marty if you have questions.
Well, as of now I've sent an email to both AquaZemp and LLL to see if either of them could be any help. As for the $8 shipping on MistKing, that might be the best option...but for some reason I can't get the website to accept my card?? I don't know what the deal is with that...maybe I'm just typing something in wrong. I've decided to wait until I hear back from the other two vendors before making any purchases though.
are there any expo shows around you soon that mistking will be at? you can always have Marty or whoever his representative will be to have some ready for you. just my thought. 30$ is quite high to ship 10$, but there must be a set rate already, and you must be some distance from MistKing.
I also was looking for the nozzles such as ones sold by mist king. I look on internet, HD, Lowes, plumbing store, but could only find them on mist king and Zamp site. I have hard time believing that there only two suppliers of these nozzles in whole North America.
Well, I got the MistKing site to process my order, and I was able to get the shipping cost down to $8. However, for future reference, I have spoken with AquaZamp and the nozzle they sell is compatible with the MistKing setup. So next time, I will be going with them.
LLL won't stock that item. Select postal service and not UPS, much cheaper for small items, but like it was noted no tracking and takes about a week.
Yea, thats what I did. Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with the MistKing products...it's just rough shipping it all the way to Tennessee.
Thanks =) One thing is for sure...hand spraying throughout the day definitely makes me appreciate the mister, haha.
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