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I want to buy a Mist king but can't decide whether to buy the basic kit or the value kit. Do I really need all the extras, 3 nozzles etc for 1 Chameleon?
Nope, the basic one works wonders. It's the one I have for 6 chameleons and I've never felt that I should have gotten anything else/more powerful. You don't really need more than one nozzle for a typical cage anyway.
i have the same?

i was looking at the basic mist king it is like 99$ sounds like a good deal to me but my ? i know that is has a good timer i just do not need water all over.so if someone has one please let me know about the flow.thanks.
Starter should be fine, if you like bells & whistles you can upgrade to larger pump, zip drip or the plus pack
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