Mistking Arrived


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Yay! My Mistking came today! Now I have to read all the instructions and figure out how it goes together. Need my BF to do some drilling.
I would love to get an automated mister/sprayer but I have a glass bottom. I have no idea how I would go about a drainage system and thats the only reason I can't get a mistking :(
I got mine in december If you find your self short on tubing.You can use 1/4 inch tubing that is used to hook up refrigrator ice makers. You can get it at any hardware store.It has made my life easyer and my chameleons love it
I think the mistking was one of the best purchases I ever made, now instead of making sure I mist before I leave for work or rushing home to make sure he gets another squirt all I have to do is refill his 5 gallon reservoir every 3 days and drain my drain tub, I love it when things make my life easier, it definately pays for itself 3 fold
Right on, I just got mine this past Monday for my two chams & it's fantastic!

Assembly was surprisingly easy once I got started. Only thing I really needed, that I didn't have around the house, was a 9/16" spade bit to drill a hole in the lower side of my 5 gal bucket reservoir. That's the perfect size for the shaft of the bulkhead that slides through.

I did however have a 1/2" spade bit, which is a lot more common. I drilled it out with that & I happen to have a round file. I took my time filing it out to 9/16" & it worked out great.

I bet it took me an hour to put it together for two cages after I read the instructions. Good luck! You'll really like it! :D
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I finally got mine setup and it was pretty easy except for the fact that I didn't push the tubing into the outlets far enough and had water everywhere!:eek: When it first came on my poor Cham was getting sprayed in the back of the head, poor thing did a somersault on his vine, I had to laugh! Got to get the nozzle adjusted right. He doesn't like being sprayed, always runs away. Got to find the right schedule too.
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