You can do either... They mostly drink from leafs and vines. So giving the plant and vines a good solid mist so everything is wet will be good. Some chams don't like the water to be on them... some don't mind.


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My chams hate it, but sometimes I will mist towards the top of the cage so it "rains" down on them. They don't seem to mind that as much.


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mine usually dont mind if the water is warm, if it is room temp i just mist the plants and vines around them.


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If I am hand misting I always make sure I spritz the chameleons themselves a couple of pumps just to trigger the drinking response if they are thirsty- most will smack their lips and start to drink when hit directly.

If I am using my misting system (which is always nowadays) I let the chameleons choose to move in and out as they wish. But it's on for at least 20 minutes at a time- plenty of time to attract a thirsty chameleon to come over for a drink if they want it.
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