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just got my Chameleon couple days ago he is doing great eating and drinking he is about 4 to 5 month old ,
my question is that when you guys mist the cage is it nomral for them to run away he doesnt like misting at all thanks
Yes, this is normal. Try using warm water in the spray bottle. The warmer temps might not shock your chameleon as much. It is good to hear your chameleon is drinking.
I use a garden sprayer with hot water. Mine veileds hate water. They usually drink from the dripper. I have found that the garden sprayers gets better penetration through the mesh, the flow is none stop (the burst from other water sprayers can scare them), and if you hold the sprayer steady over one spot for a couple of minutes it will get pretty steamy in the cage. Mine still do not drink the water but they do readily gulp up the steam in the cage. I never spray them directly when I get it steamy rather near them. I am scared it will overheat them, although, it may not. I know they are getting the water because you can see their tongue work around in the flap as their mouths open and shut.
I've had the same problem with my baby Veiled. He hates misting. I've tried warm water, room-temperature water, and even cool water. Makes no difference.

Tried a normal spritzer type sprayer, and a pump-sprayer at various levels from very fine mist, to a light shower. Tried spraying it above him when he's under leaves, spraying it under him when he's basking, and off to the side so that it doesn't come near him.

Either way, the minute he senses the water (especially when drops land on him), he scampers away as fast as any other lizard, off the branch of a tree and onto the mesh on the side of his cage, where he climbs into the top back corner.

Then he sits there for ages after I've gone away. Even though it takes him seconds to get up there in "fleeing from danger" mode, it takes him hours to get back in "Chameleon leaf-walking mode".

I've kept up the misting despite his reaction, and I also keep a drip running most of the day in his cage, but I haven't seen him drink from any of the leaves it wets (I am at work most of the day though). I worry about his hydration, but his urates still seem quite white.
He drank quite a bit off the leaves after I sprayed him the day I brought him home from the reptile show. But since then, I've only ever seen him licking up drops once.

Will he eventually get used to misting? Will he make use of the dripper if he gets really thirsty?
I hand mist and have a mister that is on for 45 sec every hour. mine HATES getting sprayed but when he gets showers he doesn't seem to mind.. go figure.

for the longest time i never saw mine drink either. but like you i was at work most of the day... my mom was home with him and assured me he was in fact drinking from the leaves.

I also give him water from an eye dropper when ever he will take it (he isn't always interested) i hold the eye dropper closish to him with a drop hanging..if he is interested after less than a min he will come over and drink up. He will usually drink 3-4 eye droppers full. I know he drinks off the leaves as i see him do it now but knowing he gets water from the eye dropper too makes me feel better.

I also enjoy the bonding we get to do when he drinks. He is far less scared of me than other people.. mind you i also give him wax worms out of my hand on a regular basis too :p so that might have something to do with it
When misting an enclosure through screen (fiberglass screen for chameleons under 6" only), if you use the stream setting, the water will become a spray on the other side.
how often do veileds usually drink?
I have a slow drip that is always on but ive never seen him near it
I spray 2-3 times a day but he runs away and hides when he sees the mist
how many times do i have to spray him directly (i dont want to cause stress)

I dont know what poo should look like either
If he doesn't like it, don't spray him directly. This is why "automatic misters" or "Pump and leave misters" are so important. They COULD be afraid of you just as much as the mist, so even though they ll adjust after a bit to the mist, they might still feel nervous to go over and drink it. Or they might just really hate the mist, which means longer durations will help them warm up to them and get a chance to drink once their surprise has worn off.


A cheap item like this can have a large reservoir and if you pump it enough it can also fill enough pressure to empty the entire thing in only one go. Instead of holding and misting, you can take the handle off and connect the hose directly to a hole in the top of the cage. as if the hose came from a mechanical pump.
thanks for the info guys, he is getting a little better with the misting i m looking to get a misting system for him anyone with some info on witch ones or good would be great i like the pro mist 60 but i saw that big apple herp has one thats pretty cheap if anyone has it how is it thanks
I personally use 1/4 inch tubing with TORO fogging nozzles. I run it to a hose and to faucet but i think some of these systems people are building can be intergrated with it.
ChameleonsTree said:
I personally use 1/4 inch tubing with TORO fogging nozzles. I run it to a hose and to faucet but i think some of these systems people are building can be intergrated with it.

Running straight tap water?
Yes ...right from the laundry tub...i use hot water because by the time the water hits them its only luke warm. They enjoy it. Most of them move into the spray and act like they are in heaven.
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