Misting water temps


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Okay so my water temps are def too cold and im an idiot for not realizing everything. Problem is, idk how to heat my automister water bucket lol. Ive heat your not supposed to use an aquarium heater or something cuz it could cuase too much scum buildup in the bucket, but idk wtf else to do.

Ive been showering my chameleon the last few days to try and help with an eye problem and whenever i pull him out of the shower and put him back in his cage he is real vibrant and colored and happy looking, then by the end of the day after the cold water showers again hes blacked out and grumpy again.

how old is your chameleon? Mine doesn't like the automatic mister because she hates to get wet lol (especially when its cold). She is still young though so i stopped using my mister and started hand misting with warm water. If yours is still young i would hand mist until adult size. The thing is if it makes your chameleon more happy do it, even if its more work. My chameleon is also having a eye problem some what. Just keep the humidity up high then normally and it should clear up :)
mine is around 4 months old. I know its not the mister making him mad because when i first fill the bucket i use hot water and he runs under the mist and gets all colorfull, its just when the water is room temp
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