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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by jenstar, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. jenstar

    jenstar New Member

    Hey so I just set up my mistking and it's working fabulous. Just a couple questions. First, right now my schedule is to mist for 30 seconds at 8:15am (lights come on at 8am), 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm (lights go out at 8pm). Is that ok or should there me more times spraying or longer time misting or.. What are some of you doing? Second, what do some of you do about all the crickets that drown at the bottom?

  2. lslcronk

    lslcronk New Member

    I hope someone answers as I am getting a Mist King in short order and would really like to knowas well! :)
  3. Hoj

    Hoj Friendly Grasshopper

    you sched is very similar to mine, many member seem to mist alot longer but i have ran that sched for 3months now and all have good sized brite white urate. as far as crickets drowning i have a layer of grided light diffuser platic on the bottom with outdoor carpet over it the water drips right through. what type of cage ru using?
  4. Hugh Wahl

    Hugh Wahl New Member

    It's sounds good I prefer longer durations less frequently. In my opinion it gives the cage a chance to dry a little bit between misting. As long as your chameleons urinate is 90% white your good.
  5. Texas Ranger

    Texas Ranger Avid Member

    We do 1 at 8:30am for 1minute. Then 1 at 1:00pm for 2minutes. Then 1 at 4:30pm for 1minute. That lets the cages dry out good for inbetween mist. The lights come on at 8am to 8pm. To much or to little water can be a bad thing.
  6. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    If he is drinking then it is working. Some chameleons take longer to recognize the water as something they should be drinking. I can mist and mist and my chameleon still does not drink. They only way he hydrates is from a dripper. Sometimes I will drip, drip, drip on his nose and nothing. Then I start dripping on a leaf below him and he will start opening and closing his mouth but there is no water going in his mouth any longer! He so frustrates me!!!
  7. jenstar

    jenstar New Member

    I am using a 2x2x4 repitibreeze

    I put on a dripper in the morning when I feed him and he goes right to it and drinks. I've also seem him drink after work when I get home so i think it is working.

    Thanks for all the comments!
  8. Geckoxp

    Geckoxp Member

    To chime in my 2 cents here...I am finally getting back into chameleon keeping with a setup and mistking system on its way tomorrow and thursday and then the little guy next week sometime.

    When I had my other chams I had it setup where I used the mistking system as the exclusive way to hydrate my animals. The lights turned on at 8am...I let the cham crawl up and bask for a few minutes and before I headed to work I fed them. Either at 9-9:30 I had the misting system turn on and run for 3-5 minutes depending on the time of season...winter more than summer. At 1-1:30 I had the system come on for another 2-4 minutes and then at night around 5-6pm another 2-4 minutes. The lights turned off around 8pm. I found that my chams responded better to a longer misting in the morning after they woke up then any other time of day.

    My older setups can be found looking at my pictures by finding my geckoxp name.

    Hopefully this helps!
  9. Angileserenee

    Angileserenee New Member

    I just bought my chameleon a few days ago and am in the process of building a new cage for him, but I was planning on setting up something similar to this where the basking light will turn on for about an hour or so and then the mister, so he has a chance to warm up. Your schedule is a bit more thought out, though. I might steal it. :D

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