misting for outdoor cages


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what would be the best way to keep chameleons hydrated outdoors. keeping a drippers on the cage will over heat in the fl sun.

If you only keep your chameleon outdoors for a short period of time, I would recommend a hose attachment similar to this one I bought at herpsupllies.com. It has an ultra fine mist that uses something like a half a gallon of water per hour. I usually spray the vivarium about every half hour, and only keep my chameleon in the Tampa sun for about an hour and a half total. I find this method to be very inexpensive and rather effective. Hope this helps.:cool: Additionlly,if you plan to keep your chameleon outside for an extend period of time, chameleonnews.com had a good article on outdoor misting systems. Just check under article reference.
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right now i have them on my porch but i was plan to set up a cage off the porch in a shaded part of my yard for the but didn't want to do it until i got something for misting them outside. the porch they are on give them enough sunlight but will not fry them
In the spring, Home Depot sells a product called a cobra mist which is similar to what edub2017 was recommending.

if i bought one will it work for 3 cages female veiled cage, male veiled cage and jackson cage.. would it be safe to have jackson outside if fl. right now i have the in my critter room with window open for natural sun but it stay cool for them. the don't need to be in the heat
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