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new to chameleon world have some questions!

Hey all, I'm new to the chameleon world, I am soon purchasing a young 6-7 inch male veiled, I have a reptibreeze 24/24/48 screen cage, I was wondering if a mister would really be necessary or if a dripper would suffice? I know the humidity should be around 50 for veiled's. Also was wondering what types of plants I could put inside the cage or which are recommended?
Hello Fomy,

Welcome to the forums! About the plants: there is a safe plant list thread, and on the top there is a "Resources" title, under it you can find the plants! When you chose, count in that the veilds are likely to eat plants, so be careful, do not use harmfull plants. Umbrella plant or hibiscus is safe as i know.
The misting is important, because chams will drink up the drops from the leaves, and it helps to keep the humidity on the right level. A dripper also recomended for drinking. Using a mister also can depend on the circumstances you have in the room where the chameleon gonna be placed!
Search around the forums, there are lots of helpful information and many helpful people, with good advices!

Good luck!
Well i plan on keeping my chameleon in my living room on a coffee table, not really close to any faucets or anything unfortunately, i'd rather steer away from using a mister but obviously if it is a MUST for my veiled then I will have to get one.

Also do you know if an umbrella plant would fit in a cage my size? 24/24/48?
An automated mister isn't necessary but sure is nice.. it would reduce your daily maintenance schedule to feeding, observing and spot cleaning. you don't need one but they are convenient! You would need to hand mist several times a day with out one. No matter what you choose as far as misting goes, running a dripper is highly recommended. When running a dripper place it so the drips fall on an accessible plant near where the cham likes to hang out. The whole theory of a dripper is to simulate a slow gentle rain with the drops falling through the leaves. The movement of the drips through the leaves, along with the light sparkling on the drops will catch your chams eye and stimulate it to drink. As far as plants go, I like to use either Ficus (fig) trees or Scheffelara (umbrella) trees. Pothos is another popular one. If potted with a good drainage layer and a nice organic soil that doesn't turn to mud, either of these plants will do well in a chams cage with a dripper running on them. Also adding a second light for the plants such as a 6500K linear tube from home depot or lowes really helps the plants to thrive and the chams seem to like the added light too.
cool thank you, i've been told home depot sells dwarf umbrella plants, so i will probably be going to purchase one of these this week, i'm assuming these will grow taller as long as i put them near a lamp?
i just bought an umbrella plant from home depot on saturday. it was 10 bux and its about 30 inches tall with the bucket its in.
One word of caution when using plants from most suppliers though... give them a REALLY good wash and repot with organic soil and a new pot. Most places use really heavy insecticides and polishes on their plants which are very toxic to chams. Place the new plants in your shower and give them a really good rinse. you could even go as far as washing them with hand soap and rinse again, then repot.
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