Mist King is coming! Question though..


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So I just put in an order for the Mist King starter kit. I also got a wedge thing, a tube cutter, and some extra tubing. I only have one cage so hopefully one nozzle is enough (Rebtibreeze 2x2x4). Just one question about spraying/drainage/humidity. I am going to put up clear shower curtains on 3 of the sides to not only keep water from spraying out, but to keep the humidity up. My question is, if i attach the curtain to the outside of the cage, won't the water hit it, run down it and go everywhere? And I don't want to put it inside the cage cause then the crickets and Ink won't be able to climb the screen.

What do some of you guys do?

If you run the curtain all the way down into the drainage pan your good.
The way my set up is designed, that is not possible. Here's a pic:


Thanks for the reply though :)
What's wrong with ur setup? Get a drip tray that goes under it and sticks out a an inch on each side then run the curtain into it...
I'd either make my own drain pan. Or go to LLL and see how much it would be to get one of theirs shipped to you. Although I dont know if LLL's pans will work with a reptibreeze cage? I know they dont work DIY cages. I dont have any reptibreeze cages in the house. I have one small one I use for sunning my crew. Call LLL they could help you. Or you could have someone make a drain pan out of acrylic for you and drill a hole and run a drain into a bucket underneath the stand. ;)

If all thats too much just go get a big enough plastic tub that you could put the whole cage into and any water that ran down the side would end up in the the tub. Theres alot of options just look around...
I just got a Sterelite container and drilled holes in the lid and put the cage on top. you can then add a plug or tube that you can use to empty the container into a bucket so you dont have to be moving the cage. They also come in some cool colors these days, lol

You should'nt have to worry about overspray.The mist that comes out of the misthead is very fine and doesn't travel very far.I run mine for about 90secs every 2 hours.The misthead is mounted inside the cage and aimed down at some foliage.I do have a plastic catch basin aprox 10"x10"x3" that I purchased at a dollar store to catch runoff,the rest you just wipeup.You'll be quite happy with your mistking system.
if you are going to block it up with shower curtain, get mildew-free material. what i have done in my cages, was drilled courigated plastic board to the sides of my cages, this has also worked on my girlfriends reptibreeze. flush the edges tight to the cage and vowla. works pimp!, but overall, one nozzle wont created too much puddling and what not at the bottom of the cage. i just drilled a 1.3/4 '' hole in the middle of the cage with a few 3/4'' holes around the big hole. works great
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