miner all

i bought the (miner all o) hope i gt the right one been hard finding dust on this lad spent alot of money lol
You actually need both :) The miner-all O has no D3 and is what you use most often with your chameleons. I use mine around 4 times a week. The miner-all I with D3 I use once every 2 weeks or so.
lol ok ill get the other one blimey i got a collection of dust now lol am there at last lol thanx
1. Rep-Cal Herptivite MULTIVITAMINS
2. Sticky Tongue Farms MINER-ALL O
3. Sticky Tongue Farms MINER-ALL I
4. Zoo Med's Reptivite Reptile Vitamins
k i got nutrobal and i gt t rex icb do i use these instead of getting miner all i or chuck them side and get miner all i sorry bit of a toungue twister tht lol
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