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my jackson sleeps at 9sthing everyday.... and he uses to stick on his favourite tree and coil up his tail . recently i found that jacky does wake up in the midnite and get off the tree and search for some crickets on the ground ...
is it normal ?
so should i extend the time for lighting for him ?
Are you saying that in complete darkness in the middle of the night he starts crawliing around his cage looking for food?

That is not normal. Chameleons can't see well in the dark, so they won't generally move around at night, unless they have to.

If what you are saying is that you are not providing your cham with complete darkness at night (i.e. you leave the room lights on), then you have another problem.
Chameleons will be disturbed by other lights that are left on in the room, and the lights will interrupt their sleep.
You must ensure that they have complete darkness to sleep in.

How many hours a day are you leaving the lights on for? They should be on for about 12 hours a day.
the light usually on at 10am and off at 11pm sthing ...
i think i may related to my habit .. as i work so late these days and keep the desk lamp on til midnite ......
anyway tks
Your lights should be one from 12-14 hours a day. Since it's summer now, I leave them on for 14 hours. I try to get them to turn on right when the sun rises and turn off when the sun sets. If I need the lights on in my room to do some work, I will put a black sheet over my chams cage before I turn on the room lights. Then when I'm done, I will take the sheet off in order to help cool down his cage during the night.
you have a very bad setting for your lighting, as marc said you should set the lights to sun rise to sun set from 6am to 8pm. also i would recommend that you set your heat lamp to go off an hour before the uvb lights so that your chameleon has time to find a good sleeping spot, so it is not rushed and picks an unsafe sleeping position. anyways good luck
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