mesh vs. screen

Mesh cages are like reptariums. Chams can get their nails stuck in the mesh, and can cause infection if their nails get ripped off. They also can have bad air circulation aswell. Crickets can often chew their way thru the mesh and get out.
Heres what a reptarium looks like

Cages are the best way to go. Chams can't get their nails caught in the screen, unless their small size holes in screen...
Heres a picture of what my screen cage looks like that I made
Have you noticed a big difference in heat/humidity having a laminated pegboard backing? You told me before that you haven't had any problem with the particle board swelling up with moisture so I think I am going to try it. I hope it will work well up here in AK.
Drake do you have instructions on how you built your cage and what do you do for drainage? that is a beauty.

I used this as a guide. I made some few changes. Heres the link

I use newspaper on the bottom, with 2 tubs with a plant in each to catch acess water.

As for the laminated peg board, I noticed it keeps the humidity up better then having all 4 sides screened. There has been no swelling that I can see either.

Hope this helps. :D
I would avoid the stuff - it can deteriorate over time. It will last a long
time though. There is a plastic pegboard avalable that could work just
as well.

What I do for humidity is a little different. I have all acreen cages, but I
simply pull clear plastic sheeting over the back and /or sides.
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