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I bought a female, whose age is unknown, and I believe she is gravid. She's been round since I got her mid May, when she sees our male she instantly turns black and watches him. If he gets within 6 inches of her she sways, hisses and attempts to claw him. She eats about 20 medium crickets per week while our male has 10 large. She isn't very active, mostly hides in some leaves in a corner or on a branch where she basks all day.
Does she sound gravid to you as well?
If so, how soon should I be expecting lil ones since she's been showing these signs for at least two months?
erm......posting a picture of her will help. I breed standard jackson before. When the female is pregnant, it show signs like what you describe (increase food intake, aggressive towards male and fat). It usually takes 6 months before labor. First sign of her going on labor is that she will stop feeding for at least a couple of days and start wondering around the cage. She will only drink and thats it. It usually takes 3days to a week for her to drop her babies when she stopped feeding.
Very cool, sounds like she is gravid. If you can, take a couple pics of her, especially from above, and we might be able to give you an approximate idea of how far along she is.
If you have the male and female in the same cage or so that they can see each other I would advise you to separate them/make it so they can't see each other.
They are not kept together, even when I would handle the male and walk by her cage she turned black instantly. For a while their cages were kept near eachother and even that stressed her out. As soon as I can I will get pics of her. Thank you for your help!
We have had 5 born, 4 made it, looks like even numbers male and female so far. Started this morning around 10 am! Thanks everyone for helping, I will have pictures up as soon as possible! :D:D:D
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