Merry Gizmas everybody

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by sallyb, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. sallyb

    sallyb New Member

    Just a couple of pics of Gizzy enjoying her yearly play in the xmas tree :D:)
    Merry Christmas everyone :D:)

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  2. Manik6

    Manik6 Member

    lol! that is too freakin cute. so is she hiding in the tree hoping she can catch santa clause in the act?
  3. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    What nice shots Sally! I am so happy to see Gizzy doing so well. Happy Holidays to you Gizzy and your family.
  4. jessica

    jessica Avid Member

    Gizzy looks adorable in the tree! Happy Holidays :D
  5. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    :D Awww! Merry Gizmas to you and Gizzy too! Glad to she her looking so well! She's such a character!
  6. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    I just love seeing that sweet little girl back to her old self. Also that is a great shot in first picture if the contest is holiday shots.:D:D:D
  7. sallyb

    sallyb New Member

    Thanks guys. Gizzy`s such a little ray of sunshine now she`s better. She seems to have taken a big liking to the tree, only trouble is she throws a major tantrum when she has to come back out, lol. :D
  8. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    Bless her! Tommy tried to climb in mine yesterday while I was taking pics. It has the flocked snow on it though and I don't want him to get any in his eyes so I took himoff pretty quick! He has enough to cope with at the mo without getting fake snow in his turrets too, lol!
  9. dreamforthedead

    dreamforthedead New Member

    I posted some pics the other day of my chameleon in the xmas tree, she too wouldn't come out of it. Merry Christmas :D

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