Merlin's eye infection


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So After this week's vet visit with Merlin (was in for a potential eye infection) I noticed his poop had return to normal but he had begun to rub his left eye on branches in his enclosure. I called my vet immediately and she prescribed Gentamicin Sulfate eye drops. I've been giving him 2 drops a day directly in his eye (which is very very very hard to do =[) for 4 days now. I think I am seeing an improvement, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen him itching it but he still isn't opening his eye all day. He'll use it if hes threatened or navigating difficult terrain, but if hes just moving around a bit or sitting on a branch he keeps it closed. I also noticed him asleep at 6pm last night which is about 3 hours early for him (his timer is set for 8am-9pm). His colors have remained good and he is very active during the most of the day. What do you think? Is he going to be ok?

Search for Veiled eye infection? DUW for cage specs and other case info or click this {link}
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