Mellori in new viv


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Moved Mr brooks into his middle sized home here are a few pics



He looks so happy in there! The viv looks well planted for him to explore it all. I do think he is very special indeed:)
Hi,alan i am using 2 tall ficus bejamina in the background and a hanging pothos the rest are all artificial:D
cool set up im getting a young yemen soon setting me 38 gal flexarium at mo i got a ficus golden king other day. trying to find a umbrella tree but having no luck at mo am looking at pothos just finding one the right size lol hanging wud b ok i spose cud hang leafs over the vines shud look pretty good nice cham too. :) alan
Thanks Alan, the pothos grows really fast and you can wind it round the branches, i have one in with my yemens too:D
i think i will get one of them i think they look cool too.will take u[ alot room in cage i think and shud give give him few hiding u have any pics of ur yemen?
how big is ur cage and do u find it hard to clean it? thanx for sorting pics out im a pain hey lol
yeah thts enough lol he looks cool how old is he and how long u had him he never happy then lol
Not a pain at all, he is in a 100gallon flex but was in a smaller one when when younger, they can be a pain to clean, drainage is a nightmare, i usually puncture a whole in one corner of the plastic base, and have that side slightly hanging over the table/ bench whatever it is standing on with a tub underneath to catch the waste water, this helps a lot but it still needs mopping morning and night:D
i have had him well over a year, he is as grumpy as can be a true yemens, he was even grumpy as a baby, but i love his attitude:D
so tht all the chams u have? i cant wait to get mine saw one the other day he must of been like a month or 2 month old ws tiny wanted to take him away there and then bt have to set cage up first lol
no i have 5 panthers 3 carpets a mellors and some pygmy chams along with a beardie some snakes some geckos a tortoise a dog 2 cats, and a mt meru jacksons cham on the way:D
just a few then how big is your house lol im just bout fitting one in my room and im losing my double bed for him too lol think i might make some pop tarts lol
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