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Say hello to Ezhno. He is a cross ambanja(87.5%) / Nosy Be(12.5%). Ezhno is around three months old and is eating and drinking very well. I dont have any good pics of him yet, as he still becomes a little stressed when I am near. I sat and watched him for a while today; he became more relaxed and I could really see some nice color coming in. Unfortunately, I didnt have my camera with me.

  • Picture 1: Ezhno exploring his basking area. This was taken on the first day I received him. I used a lot of magnification, but you can tell how small he is by comparing him to the nearby Shefflera leaves.

  • Picture 2: another pic taken on the day I received him.

  • Picture 3: a pic of Ezhno's father (9 months).

  • Picture 4: another pic of Ezhno's father (12 months). Yes, this is the same chameleon.

Will post a few more pics below.


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  • Picture 1: Ezhno's Grandfather (Glorifindel)
  • Picture 2: Ezhno's Grandfather (Spiderman)
  • Picture 3: Same cham as pic 2

I will be posting more pics of Ezhno soon.


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great chams, I think I might have to get me one of those. If you dont mind, would you post more pics as the cham grows?. Nice looking though, I am jealous!!
It has been about a week and a half. Ezhno has been eating and drinking like a sumo westler. First pic is of ezhno hunting a silkworm. In the second pic, I had just put him back in his cage after sunning outside (while I cleaned his cage). He is starting to show some green coloring as well as a little orange.


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Hello Ezhno :)

Very nice Brad. I can see very faint orange bars i think. And some green areas too. Its like a mystery with him being a cross. Hope to see more pics soon.
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