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Hi all

Just thought id post a couple of pics of my latest addition to my ever growing collection



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.Hi shelby

Harry2 is around 18 months old, at present i have 3 ambilobe males & 1 female, 1 ambanja male, 1 diego suarez male & 2 females, 1 sambava male & 1 female, and will hopefully be getting a nosy mitsio male soon. oh and a colony of common geckos which i use as feeders once a week

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Hey Neil;

Wow they must keep you so busy! I just have the one nosy be panther (his dad was a blue nosy be) which I'm hoping will look like your Harry when he grows up and two beardies. These three keep me busy but I'm learning all the time with them since they're our first reptile pets.

How did you get started on the colony of common geckos for feeders? Are these for your older guys and are they hard to maintain?

I just ordered some small silkworms today for the first time for our little ones here so that will be a new experience.

How many cages/tanks do you have set up for your zoo? :^)

Hi all

Yes they are a handfull to maintain but the extra effort is rewarding( harry the nosy male that won last months pic contest past away a little while ago R I P harry )As for the colony of geckos yes there feeders for my older chams i bought around 15 of them from a friend(cb so no parasites) when i first moved to spain(around 6yrs ago)they just got on with it and started to breed,there easy to keep(probably one of the easyst lizards too keep) and being social i keep loads in one large tank(if i get too many i just release them into the wild as they are native to spain)My monthly food bill can be expensive but i buy in bulk so it works out cheaper i also TRY to breed feeders with different degrees of success.some good some bad(trying to get hold of silkworms in spain is ni impossible, rare as rocking horse poop)I will try and post some pics of my setups soon (i have one cage per animal so 10 cages in total)but i keep on having problems with my digi cam and software transfer on my laptop

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