Meet Bonnie & Clyde


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Hello Everyone i just got two baby Kenyan Jackson's Chams. they are so cute and i would like to know if anyone with experience had any suggestions on

-what wattage of UVB is best
-Feeding Techniques

i am shopping for them tommorow! =D

here they are... sadly clyde just stepped over bonnie while she was napping so she is a bit pissed off
Where are you located if I may ask?

Also filling this form out and posting it in this thread will help us offer suggestions.

Unfortunately there are a few things off the bat that I see could be changed and need to be ASAP.

There is no way you will be able to keep up with watering them and the necessary humidity in a cardboard box.

You should also separate them. If the male is napping that is not a good sign. He also has quite a bit of swelling around the neck area. I do not suspect him to do well if the female is climbing on him etc.

As a quick fix you could go get a few cheap plastic bins. Around 9 quarts should do. Humidity really needs to be high for these babies and this will help until another setup is made.

They should eat fruit flies and 1/8 crickets at the moment. After they get a little more size they should be able to eat house flies also. You can find flies at but I do not get fruit flies from them just other species. Reptisun 5.0 UVB light (the linear kind) is recommended.

Unfortunately I can not add a lot more. I have experience raising other montane species but not these and the animals you got are not an easy species by far.

Here is a link for you. Kent is also a member on the forum. Hopefully he or someone else can chime in and give you more details.
As Cainscams stated a chameleon should not be sleeping during the day, if that is when I am assuming the picture is taken. He might not be sleeping but closing his eyes due to a lighting issue or something else. Are you shining a light down into the box right now? It might be too strong.
this was taken around 9 pm and dont worry they have already been changed... the cardboard box was just for the ride home =D. thank you for the great suggestions!
Glad the box was just temporary!! I kind of suspected that but;) Do you have any chameleon experience? I do have to say filling that form out will be of great help. The animals you have chosen are not easy by any means.
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