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If the infestation isnt too bad, you can just Wash them off with water, or a mild mix of water and dish soap. Isolate the effected pothos from your other plants.

If the infestation is really bad, toss the plant. There are insecticidal soaps, and predatory insect controls you can use, but its a hard battle to win - cheaper to buy a new pothos.

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You can CO2 gas your plant if you REALLY want to get rid of them and save the plant for cham use. Other than that you will have to get a bug wash to rid them.


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Or make it yourself. ;)

1 tsp of active bakers yeast to 2 cups of sugar. poor contents into a 2 liter. Add water warm enough to melt the sugar, mix well then finish filling with warm water, leaving about 4 inches from the top of the bottle empty. You should be in full production in a few hrs. drill a hole in the cap just large enough for fish tank tubing to run through. Then put the other end of the tubing in the box you intend on gassing with.
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