MBD advice?


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Hi everyone
I have a one year old male Ambilobe panther; I bought him from a local pet store and didn’t realize till the 2nd day that it appears he has a early stage of MBD. Both arms look slightly curved and he has trouble with his right wrist, he is able to grasp but as he walks along the limbs, it’s almost a drag and slide for him. So maybe im wrong to say it’s an early stage of MBD. My question is can he recover from MBD? Also any advice on what I should be doing to help him out? So far I have been dusting the crickets with Cal, 4 times a week and I also have liquid cal that I haven’t used yet but thought I can add this with water and administer to him with a dropper?


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I would head for the vet. They can give him a shot to draw calcium back into his bones. I think you can prevent any further deterioration, but I don't think it can truly be reversed.


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a vet visit would be the choice solution.

is he eatting well? if so i would dust his feeders lightly with calcium w/d3 for a solid week. then start a normal regiment. liquid calcium support is great if you are good with force feedings. if laps it up on his own that would be great 2.

he will recover with time. what damage has happened to his bones will never recover but his over all health will. is he shaking while moving about in his cage. not the normal sway but shaking? does he use his tongue to catch prey? pics would be great.
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