Maybe off topic, but can you identify?

We had something similar to that in Kansas when I was a kid. They called them bag-worms and they would take over some very large trees. The ones in the photos look a little more aggressive than what I've seen though. My parents had to either burn them or spray them to kill them off before they killed the large trees. They seem to be pretty invasive.
THEY look smalar to the web worms that we have in n o i dont know the scientific name though
They are most definately a species of tent caterpillar, although I'm not too familiar with this european species. I know for a fact that of our 6 species of north american tent caterpillar's, all are considered to be toxic or highly irratable to the digestive system as a defense mechanism to deter birds. Never feed a wild caterpillar to your cham.
Wow, that is.. incredibly disgusting. Thanks for sharing, Jen, it is interesting in an incredibly horrifying way.

Well it all starts when one female butterfly is found by a male butterfly who fertilizes her eggs before she lays them. The eggs hatch into caterpillars who morph into buterflys and in turn, mate, lay eggs and hatch more caterpillers. These caterpillars then...
attack of the killer worms

That is crazy :eek: I have never seen anything like it.
These pics look like they come from some old horror movie.
Wow...that is utterly amazing! Talk about your bicycle built for .... 2000!
Thanks for posting the link!
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