maybe a lil problem shedding. any advice?


ok it has been about 5 whole days since Reptar has started shedding. everything has finished except for his top back both sides. just wondering if this is ok? he is acting moody, and not eating as much as he use to. and a lil dark. i am pretty sure everything is ok. just want to make sure this is not to long. i will post pics if needed. o and could not find to much about this issue. well it was some older post about shedding from a panther. it was a lil diff from what im needing to know. just seeing if this is ok.
ps it is a veiled aprox. 4 months and this is his 2nd shed.
humidity never below 40 most of the time and run a dripp for 8 hours a day. and mist throughout the day. reptar 006.jpg

reptar 009.jpg
K thanks.. thats all i wanted to hear. so i will just keep doing what im doing.
what if my cham really hates water? hot water, room temp he just hates it. o and when i get him in the tub for his lil rain day he hates it. lol guess its just going to be that way huh..
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