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I am writing couse I have small problem.:mad:
I have 2 years old Diego Suarez male who is living in 80x40x80 flexarium with uv5.0 and heating bulb.
last time I was given a sambava female. She lives also in flexarium(40x40x80) with uv5.0 and heating bulb.
The problem is that she doesn't want a male.
He is all shakeing and interested in, but she doesn't want to copulate.
Male comes on her back but doesn't put hemipenis in. Female has mouth open and she is making all black with orange circles.
2 weaks of break doesn't help.
Day time is 12h and the temperature is about 28 C.
It is second time that i have her and the problem is still the same.
Sorry for my mistakes in the text, but I am foreign.
I am looking for your answers and ideas what to do ;)
maybe you are right but I am thinking about makeing a day time much longer. For example 14h to stimulate her.
And maybe you have more ideas what to do.
Sound gravid/unreceptive to me. She may already have eggs right now. If that is the case, she will not mate until after she has layed the eggs and has become receptive again (usually pink.)
Does she have a place to dig to lay the eggs in her cage?
She is behaving in a non-receptive/gravid way....and unless she behaves in a receptive way they should not be put together.
no no , she isn't gravid. She shows this coloration for cheatting,like headache:D
She has done like this many times, but she never dig or deposit eggs.
She is about 2 years old.
She is eating a lot and she is still hungry. Addictionaly she doesn't walk on the ground and she doesn't try to dig a hole.
This way I suppose that she is not pregnant.
She could have just started producing eggs and not be ready to lay them for a while. If they show that dark coloration...they are usually either gravid or producing infertile eggs.
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