male vs female


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i see in some sponsor site that they always have females left over. so i am trying to wonder why chameleon owners hardly buy any females?


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Sometimes the females sell out first, depends on supply/demand. Females lay eggs(even when they dont mate) so they require a little more care. Most panther chameleon females look similar and dont vary in color like the males.

Just a few reasons...


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Yeah, I would agree with what Warrix642 said. I think my female is cute and peach but most "non-cham" people who see her immediately ask "why is she so ugly?" and then ask if they can check out the male because he has colors. I think most people who buy females are people who are really into the keeping of chameleons and breeding. Most people who want a pet don't want to put up with egg laying and would rather have something that looks "cool" to them.


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Males are larger and most of the time they look better, like in the case of a veiled chameleon. And they also live longer because they don't have the strain of laying eggs.
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