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Does anyone 'notice' anything strange about this guy?



What's up with his lip? Very handsome cham!!

Ahhh- His lip!! I have all but forgotten about that! Strangest thing; when I first got him, he was a little on the skinny side, so I would give him a couple of waxworms a week. He ate one on an occassion that was just the width of his mouth and when he bit down on it, it squished out of both ends and dripped onto each lip. It hardened, turned black and didn't come off for weeks, and when it did, it took scales with it. I had to actually pick it off finally. It left a scar on each side of his lower lips in exactly the same spot on each side. Weird,..
Thanks for the compliments. I was curious to see if any of the senior members, or anyone for that matter, noticed the 'lump' right at the corner of his cheek? It is on both sides and doesn't feel abnormal, but I noticed it a week or two ago and I don't know if it's always been there and I've just overlooked it. Just thought I'd ask. His diet consists of Crickets, Dubias every other day and mealworms occasionally. All of the insects get carrots, turnip greens, apple and a cricket gutload that I bought from a forum member. All the proper UVB lighting. I dust 3 times a month with Miner-all I. None of any of my other chameleons seem to have it, so hopefully it is nothing related to nutrition. Any comments-opinions would be welcomed.
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