Male Veiled Too Agressive?


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So, I have two unrelated veiled chameleons who are both around a year and a half old. I decided to introduce the female into the male's enclosure yesterday and all was seeming well.. she seemed receptive and after about 25 minutes of dancing and showing colors, my male mounted the female.. and started biting her! I know that some biting is probably normal but he was biting HARD, leaving V shaped marks on her skin that I can still see 6 or 8 hours later. I promptly took the female out and returned her to her own enclosure.

My question is, is it normal for him to bite her so hard? He was biting on her sides and back along her spine. He bit her legs some too, but those didn't seem to leave marks. Is it safe to reintroduce her to him or should I wait some?

Thanks for your input!
my male also is very rough and aggressive when he is with his mate, he mounts her and bites her casque and back but i never saw any marks or broken skin. i would think it is part of the mating most animals do it cats, Marv Albert, etc.
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