Male panther with hard substance hanging out of rectum


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I have a male panther who's not looking so hot. I've been force feeding him and he rairly drinks by himself. He looks dehydrated and it seems he has a hard substance hanging out of his rectum. It seems like it is fecal matter stuck. I'm wondering if I can pull it out and that would help him feel better. Any suggestions on this? Has anyone seen this before.
Thats weird. I have no idea what it could be without a picture. But I wouldnt pull on it. Have you tried putting him in a shower?
I have heard a couple people concerned with this same thing and the 2 things that most people ask is if it could be a prolapse or a sprem plug. It very well could be just fecal matter build up but those are the two main things to look into!!
Not a prolapse. It does look like dried fecal matter too me. Not like any sperm plug Ive ever seen. Even the dry hard ones arent brown like that.

I'd do the warm shower for about 30 mins. And see if that loosens it up. If not then i would try getting it damp and taking a moistened q-tip and seeing if it will fall off. Im kinda suprised he hasnt rubbed his vent area and had it fall off already. How dehydrated is this guy? Is his grip still strong? Whats his current condition?

It does appear to be a pair of seminal plugs. If you don't feel comfortable with attempting to remove them yourself, a vet can carefully remove them for you. I have removed them from chameleons with no problems. If you want to try, just take it slow and easy. His hemipenes may come out as the plugs unwinds from around them. This is ok and they will return inside momentarily.

Here's one of a pair that I puled from a Veiled:

From Dr. Mader's Vet book:
Well I can think of one thing you can do but it will cause some stress. Instead of a shower as I said before. Try a mild warm bath. Let him soak in it for a few minutes. The bath may soften it up more than a shower would.

Poor guy, I hope he is not in any pain.
Wow. It looked exactly like the pic u sent. I will post a pic tomorrow. He was really mad but he quickly changed to a better color after about 30 seconds. I will still have to monitor him but he looks like he feels much better. He's still dehydrated and I hope he makes it. Definitely saw some colors I've never seen him before. I love the power of the Internet.
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