Male Panther Chameleon turning dark colors


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my three month old male panther chameleon has been turning really dark colors and I’m a bit concerned! I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if he’s okay! I just got him last week!
Here are his usual colors compared to now


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Is he near a window or anything reflective or can he see other animals or anything else that might put him on the defensive, as well?


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i don’t know if he just doesn’t like his enclosure because I took him outside earlier and he went back to normal color - he really likes being outside - I have a dog but he’s never even been near his enclosure and there’s no windows near him
he’s eating fine and everything and it’s really quite here his coloring goes off and on from light to dark and it’s just concerning me


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this is when I had him outside and this is about an hour later


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100 watt is going to produce way too hot of temps. You want to change that to a regular 60-75 watt incandescent white bulb. Take back the heat emitter. They are known for producing far hotter temps then should be allowed for a cham. No heat required at night.

So you need some horizontal branches. With the T5 you want to be using a 5.0 or 6% bulb with it. and the distance to basking branch below should be 8-9 inches from the bottom of the fixture. This is a great resource


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Your chameleon may not recognize the heat emitter as a source of heat...does he sit under it on purpose?

I've never heard of a panther chameleon eating leaves....what specific supplements do you use and how often for each?
How are you providing water?
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