Male panther chameleon eating cricket @ 400fps


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Does my male look healthy to you? Ever since I took him out of that garbage 175gallon flexarium and into a x-tall (second biggest) exo-terra glass tank he's eating triple what he used to and he's constantly warm and not freezing cold I can tell he's alot happier now.

Recorded at 400fps. Unfortunately the Nikon J1 doesn't do high-def with that many fps.

It can do 1200fps however the video is so blurry there's no point

400fps video 1:

400fps video 2: *a bit dark again sorry*

1080i video 1:


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yea I thought it would be cool I got a whole bunch more of my female panther same thing @ 400fps.

*btw hooray the first 10 of my 86 bearded dragon eggs have hatched, another 7 have their heads/half body out of the egg and they're monsters (size wise).

Local pet store is taking 75 from me which should net me about minimum $1500.00CDN
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