Male or female???

cham gr

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We just got a crested gecko, and we are wandering about its sex...:confused:
It is about 10 month old. Here are some pics...

Hope they are helpful!Thnx everyone!!

Miss Lily

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I don't see the pics. Males and females are pretty easy to differentiate once they are big enough. Males have a 'hemipenal bulge' at the base of the tail just behind his vent. They also have a 'pores' - a row of scales with spots in on the belly between the back legs. At 10 months, you should be able to tell. I got mine at 4 months and the breeder could already see his pores. I finally saw them myslef a few weeks ago and he's almost 6 months old now. Here's a pic of Splat's pores.



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I say female. Can you take a side view of the vent area? From the pictures she looks really flat. Sometimes they might look like the have a bulge because of the stubbiness of the missing tail. I have a female without a tail and they look the same.:)
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