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I have a veiled chameleon that is 1 - 1/2 months old. It is supposd to be a male. I have been looking and can't seem to be able to see the spurs on its back feet. One time I look and I think that I can see them but then I look again and I can't. I haven't questioned the breeder who I bought it off of yet. One question that I have is if it is a female, do I need to put a egg laying container in its enclosure so that it does not get egg bound?
You should have several more months if it is a female before you will have to do that. Yes, you are right though an egg container will be necessary. If you can snap a good quality picture of the back foot area someone else or me maybe able to make it out.
Hi Jordan,
Here are a couple of pictures that I took of Skittles. Hopefully they will post so that you or anyone else can give me their input. Male or Female?

Thank You MARK


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I'm not no expert but I think its a male. I think a could kind of make out like a lil bump on the back of the foot. It will be better if you take a picture a lil more closer, maybe a lot more closer. Lol
I would say positively a male... you havethe start of breeding protusions and a thicker tail base. Those are both signs of a male.
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