Male + Female Veiled in the same cage?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rocky, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Established Member

    Hey I am looking into getting a female for my little guy and while I was looking around I found a lady here in lubbock that sells veileds and when I went to go look at what she had she had a cage that was 3x3x5-6 and she had a male and female veiled in it. I asked her if they were breeding them and she said that they are always together.

    Is that a no no? Just from what I have seen on the forums noone has had more than one in a cage unless they were breeding them.
  2. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    after reaching 2.5 months of age, veileds generally become extremely territorial.
    So, the answer to that is no no.
  3. Sang

    Sang New Member

    usually a no no, depending on who is more dominant one will force the other out for things like basking spot, food, and i dunno something.

    its best to keep them seperate except for when mating.
  4. Rocky

    Rocky Established Member

    that is kinda what i was thinking. It seemed like they were doing fine, she fed them while i was there and she put crickets/roaches in a feeder bowl and they just sat on opposite ends of it and shot them out one at a time. I know my male is really territorial about his cage if i open it up and put my hand in there for any reason he is literally right on me trying to get me out.
  5. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    They may look fine but likely over time their health will be affected.
  6. Chameleonboy

    Chameleonboy New Member

    i agree they may seem fine right now because if the cage size but after a wile they will fight

    THECHAMMAN Established Member

    they will KILL each other. that cage is not big enough for two veileds, especially a male and a female.
  8. How old were these chams?

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