Male Chameleon Stopped Eating and Died!!!???


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So our home has been an emotional roller coaster. Our female Jackson had babies and we were happy and excited...then their was one that was almost ate by an adult which made us sad.....

Now the babies are doing great, but the male adult quit eating and simply died in my hands today.

He stopped eating the day after the babies were born.....not sure why. He did eat a cricket or two but pretty much just stopped eating. He then became very lethargic and would simply just sit on the tree branch with his eyes closed. My son took him outside and let him crawl around in the grass. He thought that maybe the outside trek would change his mood, but no go.

Today his muscles were completely tensed up and he could not move. I tried to massage his body but it didn't do anything to help him. Then his tongue swelled up and came out of his mouth.....and he died.

I have ran the possibilities through my head but have no solid leads as to what may have cause the sudden change.

One scenario was that he has swallowed one of the newborns and it was stuck in his stomach. Another was that maybe he ate a piece of bark or leave that wouldn't digest so he simply starved.

Has anyone had any experience like this? and if so, what was the cause?

It was very sad watching him go. I got upset with my 16 year old son and told him that he needed to pay close attention to his lizards. I don't know if something could have been prevented or not.

Any ideas?

Sorry to hear that you lost your chameleon. Atleast he will live on through the babies he helped produce.
That is so sad. As carol said. At least you can keep a baby of his and keep a part of the one you lost. Im so sorry this happen.
Your husbandry needs a lot of work and quick. Probably some of the reason why your male died. How long did you have him?

We had the male for about 6 months. Could you please give me some pointers on the husbandry aspect that you are referring to?

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