Male Ambilobe plus Set-up - 100% complete

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For sale I have a near 7 month Male Ambolibe Panther Chameleon from the Kammers with complete set-up that's 100% complete, top grade equipment nothing else is needed except maybe a timer (not mandatory but definately nice).
For pictures please see my gallery. The pictures in my gallery show the cham at 4.5 months. He's almost 7 months now...he's much larger, more filled out and has much better coloring now than in the pictures. I have new pictures, taken yesterday (11/15/07) they are just too large to place on here. Unfortunatley I could not get him fired up as he's become quite tame. I'd be more than happy to email then to those that request them...please PM me your email address. He is perfectly healthy and a huge eater. I can say that I have never seen another cham as colorful or as robust as him at this age. Absolutly stunning animal.

Setup includes:
-3'H x 3"L x 2'W Cages by Design cage with heavy duty pull out tray
-Cages by Design matching stand/cabinet with internal shelf.
-Cage and stand cost me over $1400.00 just 8 months ago.
-Pro Mist PM-50 Misting System - various nozzles, tube, fittings, etc - many spares
-24'L x 16'W x 30'H - All screen cage from the Kammers - perfect for travel, feeding, sunning outside, etc.
-Humidifier plumbed into the cage
-Humidity control device that controls the humidifier so the humidity level of the cage remains whatever percent humidity you set the device at...all you have to worry about is filling the humidifier
-Taylor Humidity and temp guage. Comes with 2 sensors that are mouted in the cage. The sensors monitor the temp and humidity within the cage and display the readings to a remote display for easy viewing - totally wireless
-2 Large 250 Watt Cages by Design Light Domes with wire guards (10"or 12" Domes)
-2 6" Zoo-Med domes - Both Clamp
-Various Zoo Med basking bulbs 250 Watt (3) 150 Watt (2) 100 Watt (2) 75 (1) 50 (1)
-Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitters 250 Watt (2) 150 Watt (2)
-Perfecto 36" Flourscent Fixture
-Zoo Med 5.0 Reptisun Bulbs (2 are brand new, 1 has 2 months on it and ther other has 4 months on it.
-Cages are completely furnished with Ficus and vines (layout has changed from pictures in my gallery)
-Tons of extra's - supplements, critter keepers, silk worm storage, parts, gut load, and many other misc. items - I have replacement parts for my replacement

I started a new job 4 months ago and they are going to require me to travel in the coming months and I will not be able to give him the kind of care and attention he deserves. The cham is perfect and all the equipment and supplies are the best you can buy and are is like new shape.

I am asking $900.00 for everything listed. I have much more that is not listed that will be included with the sale. I will not ship. Please be local or willing to come and pick up.

No serious offer will be dismissed. If you have any questions and are serious, please let me know and I'll give you my cell number so we can chat in more detial.


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Is he still available?
Did you get pics?

Who sired him and with what female?

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