Making it big at ucla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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so by now i would say at least half of the student body at UCLA knows me as "the chameleon guy" hahaha. My close friends have now experienced my obsession with chams and my passion is so deep that a lot of them have been getting really into them and every time they see something with a chameleon they buy it for me! haha so i now have a collection of all kinds of souvenirs my friends have given me hahaha. A few months ago i met a person here on the forums who was interested in a chameleon. So i sold her one of my baby veileds and to my surprise she was a UCLA student!!!!!! we are now awesome friends! she named her chameleon "Pascal". well pascal is now a really famous chameleon due to a article about "pets in dorms" pets are not allowed in dorms so we are kind of breaking some rules. the only pets that are allowed in a ucla dorm are fish, but since chameleons are somewhat like fish.....:roll eyes: ..... hahhaa she decided to keep it there. Pascal has made it to the front page of the schools main newspaper "THE DAILY BRUIN" and many students HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH CHAMELEONS!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!:D just thought i would share this story! hahaha. pic credit:M.I.A.


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