Mail order roaches (dubias)


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Where are everybody getting their roaches from, please?
We have mantids coming.... We want a larger variety of food stuffs. Any help is greatly appreciated. .. i just ordered a starter package from them of dubias and it came yesterday and 2 of my females just each laid a case of eggs.... anyone know how long they take to hatch and how many i can be expecting ??
That's interesting......
Dubias don't lay eggs, they are ovoviviporous (live bearing).

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Thanks ... I'll go with
I will wait for them before setting up a farm for theim. Any suggestions on a compact, functioning habitat for them? What are you feeding them?
Sorry, but I've only seen a roach one time in my life. I know very little about them.
Thanks Chuck... that's a great reccomendation. I take it, that's a New York company? Are you also located on the East Coast? Just trying to access the amount of time the worms would be in the post for me in California.
I will definitely check them all out. I got one shipment already today. A few got out in my bedroom immediately. Turkistans. Will they live here in California.... in my apartment? :[
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