Maeby the new baby


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Okay well she's not a baby baby, but she's only 4 months old and that's the youngest I've gotten a cham so far! She was my Christmas present from my wonderful husband (who now demands that I'm done getting new animals until I'm done with school). :) Her name is 'Maeby' to go along with my 'Arrested Development' theme for my big chams (no I didn't spell it wrong). Great show if you haven't seen it! She's a little cb carpet from FLChams; I didn't know if she was coming today or tomorrow so it was a little surprise at my door when I got up. She's not settled in very well yet but she was exploring her new digs for a little while before lights out. Hopefully she'll eat something tomorrow so I don't worry and some of her pattern will come through as she gets more comfortable. Super cute little thing, just had to share. :D


Weighing at a whopping 10 grams!

Checking out her new digs
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What a little doll she is. Explain to hubby, forum "rules" say you now have to get her a "friend" from Dooley 1, our resident carpet man. Tell him you just can't show favoritism. It might work.;)
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