Made this cause i hate drippers.


So i real hate drippers, i keep getting a big mess in the cage. So i made this for Galco (my cham). its a small powerhead for a fish tank, with a tube attached to it. i also used a small box/tapperware container. and some fake vines to hide the tube. he loves it and always chills next to it. tell me what you think.


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I like me some ideas to build off of..i think its a nice way to supply some water and mouisture for your cham..
Interesting, because most people on here are against the idea of recycling saying it gets the chams sick; that they are sensitive to bacteria in the waste mixed water. I haven't known anyone to recycle water so I hope it doesn't cause issues for you. Keep us posted here though maybe you can recycle water to some degree?
i have filter foams around the powerhead and on top of the box. i also change the water out every week.
I'm unsure if every week would be enough. There's not an abundance of information regarding water and bacteria (as seen in the waterfall thread)..
Have you given any thought as to adding some carbon to the filter either inbetween the pads or underneath to further help in filtering the water from waste and bacteria?
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