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well recently i have had a problem with my dripper and i decided to make my own. i used a air pump i had and some aquarium air house and a bottle. it took me around 45 mins to come up with it and make it. i have tried it and well it works. it makes it seem likes its really raining in Blender's cage. so if anyone is insterested in it let me know and ill put some pictures up
the one with the bottle is the top of my cage. it has a hose connected to the bottle that should be filled with water. that hose is connected to a "T" connection were the air of the pump is connected aswell. then the other house that is just also connected there is a hose that is only one ended and it has 5 little holes on the bottom to let the water come out as it is pushed by the air.

the second picture shouse how i connected the air pump and how i can reduce or imcrease the air flow with the valve...

What do u guys think??


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well the gang valve ..i only had that one but i only need one and its to monitor the amount of air pressure because the pump is really strong. thats the only one i had so yea i had to do that oh and i forgot to say that the bottle needs to be closed almost completely so it controls the water i think i should use the valve for that right??? lol...ill i give it a shot...
Here is how it works... fill the bottle... i fill it up to the top but this is just a

then close it till the water flows like this or how ever u may like it..


the the water will drip into the cage... well for me i have it drip down some fake plants i have pinned so... by the way in this picture it only drips on one of the plants because i moved it but it usualy drips on 4 of the them...


then the water will hit the leaves...leaving enought for the Cham. to drink


make sure u have a container big enought for it to get all the extra water.... i use this one...


i fill the bottle 2 or 3 times every time i use it... so what do u guys think?? much do you spend for the set up?? do you have a drawing for this DIY mister.........that you can post??
i didnt spend anything .. but the pump would cost $10 and the valve $2. so more like $14 in total with i dont know wat u mean with DIY??
That setup is awesome. I have a couple of questions. So you have only one hole in the bottom of the bottle. How did you make that hole leakproof after you inserted the tube? Also, in order to close off the end of your drip tube, did you just fold it back over onto itself? I want to try making this also for my veiled.

i made sure the whole in the bottle was smaler that the tube so it wouldnt leak and i folded it back to itself and tide it with a rubberband...
so you put one hose in the bottom of the bottle and the other one goes to the pump right? thats why theres that "T" to link them up?? cause im gona try it tommorow and thanks alot for sharing your idea
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