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Did anyone else watch Madagascar on Animal Planet yesterday? Really cool 2hr show on the island and its unique fauna & animals. In the first hour they showed some pardalis and a couple of species of pygmy chams. No parsons during the whole show though....
What I like the most was it really showed alot of the different ecological zones of the island. I thought I knew alot about the island already but I learned a few things that I hadnt seen in any other docs before. Like I said I was a little bummed it didnt have any parsons or globifers or any of the other rare species really except the labords/labordi chameleons. But the panoramic shots they showed of the island more than made up for the lack of chams.
It was awesome! Very interesting show. What was the name of that very rare cham that has the shortest lifespan?

I think it was the furcifer chameleon or something close to that, but yea the show was pretty awesome and informative, lots of commercials though:rolleyes:
It was AWESOME!! I'm now being forced to buy a Pygmy leaf by my fiancé... Those shows are dangerous for girls who like little animals... Lol
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