Madagascar Giant Day Gecko HELP


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I have recently (in the last week) purchased a Madagascar giant day gecko from a local pet store. Upon introducing him to his new home he seemed to be doing extremely well. The first few days he was very active and regularly eating and pooping. Now, in the last 2 days I noticed he was not on the glass as much and appeared to be less active. Upon checking him out I have now noticed his toes are all curled and appear to be swollen and red. To my knowledge he did not got through a shed while in my care and I don’t see any residual shed left on his toes but I’m very concerned as to how to help my little guy. I have been doing warm water soaks and have also been spraying his feet with a medication I got to treat reptile infections. Can anyone with knowledge or experience in this please help!


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These are the best I could get but I can try and get some more of you need. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


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It looks like dried up shed on its toes. It won't be able to grip until you get it off. I don't know how you're going to get it off though. Their skin rips so easily trying to hold it could damage it a lot. I'm not sure if pulling the dead skin off would too...but I expect so.
I doubt misting the toes would help.

Some of the toes look like they're on the way to being swollen and infected too (first photo). You might need a good reptile vet who knows about the tenderness of day gecko skin.

I don't have any experience with day geckos sadly.
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