Madagascar Chameleon Video


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beautifyl video, and i simply am in love with the piano piece.

i hope to play it someday, but still intermidiate i am with the piano:D

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I think that is a sub adult Calumma globifer. Correct me if I'm wrong.

2:01 is a giant Furcifer bifidus and 2:09 looks like it could possibly be a Calumma capuroni.
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Yeah, 2:09 is a female C. o. oshaughnessyi.

For what its worth, a lot of people seem to use the spellings "C. globiferum" (rather than C. globifer), "C. parsonii critiferum" (rather than C. parsonii cristifer), etc., however these spellings are incorrect. One of the authors that originally proposed needing to change the spellings to '-um" explains in this article why it is actually wrong:



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pretty kool for anyone who liked that and desent know they should check out the chameleons of madagascar dvd in the site bookstore i just got a copy and it is awsome


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Thank you so much for sharing, both the video & the music are excellent. I could watch that over & over. Truth is I will.:D


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If you look closely you will notice a reddish-brown brickwall or half-rotten wooden walls in the background of many pics... It's obvious that many (if not all) pictures weren't taken in the wild, but rather in André Peyrieras' "farm" in Mandraka.
Interesting species in this clip, but sadly and not really surprisingly, some specimens appear to be in rather poor condition...
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