MacBook Pro & Xbox 360 Combo -$1,000

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Hey Guys,

So I know Chameleon forums isnt the usual place for items like this, but I figured ide give it a shot anyways while I wait for craigslist to find be a few offers.

Items ilisted are in near perfect condition. This would be the perfect gift bundle for your college bound child or high school student - they can relax with the xbox and stay productive with the Mac. Could also be great for anyone else interested. Im selling both together to keep the price low and to sell it fast, so no bartering.

Send me a PM or Email to [email protected] if you are interested. Would prefer to sell locally in Cali, but can ship to you if you pay me via Paypal.
For sale as a combo I am selling my 2010 13inch MacBook Pro and Xbox 360 Halo Reach Edition

2.4 ghz proc

4gb ddr3 ram

320 gb harddrive

10 hours of battery life

Apple care until April 2011

snow leopard

Laptop will come w/ a fresh install of mac OSX.

MacBook comes with original box as well as receipt for proof of purchase date. All original soft ware and cables are included.

MSRP: $1199


This xbox is the Xbox slim (newest version) in the limited edition Halo: Reach design.

It comes with two halo reach controllers, as well as a copy of Halo Reach.

Also included is a copy of the mega hit Call of Duty: Black ops.

Xbox comes with original packaging and includes controllers and power supply. Also comes with an HDMI cable. No Vga cable, sorry.
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