lump on my rockys neck


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Most likely this is an abscess that needs to be opened up and cleaned out. Other possibilities would be a cyst or tumor...can't way without testing. Herp abscesses are not filled with the liquid contents that a mammal abscess would have. The material is more like cheese. Once it is cleaned out the cham should also go on an antibiotic to keep it from re-forming. The abscess should be tested to see which specific bacteria needs treating. As it is getting larger it does need to be treated by a vet. Did you notice any redness, a cut or swelling inside his mouth on the gum? This could have started from a gum or tooth injury.
im no expert but that bump doesnt look good at all, i would get him to a reptil vet asap. where are you located i cant see on your profile.
thanks for your advice the lump has doubled its size since that pic was taken my wife will be taking it to another vets in another area as im working 7 days a week i live in the U.K in wales swansea yet again thank you :D
The first picture is tonight and the second was from 2 nights ago. you can only see this lump when she sits/walks a certain way I have no idea what it is and it doesn't seem to affect the way she acts
View attachment 154320 View attachment 154319 The first picture is tonight and the second was from 2 nights ago. you can only see this lump when she sits/walks a certain way I have no idea what it is and it doesn't seem to affect the way she acts
That doesn't look like a lump, it looks like edema, which is fluid retention. You might want to fill out the "How to ask for help" form in the Resources tab at the top of this page. Take some more pictures and post them too, pictures are very helpful.

Breed - Female Panther , 8-9 months , 2/3 months got her Jan 3rd I believe

Handling - Take her out maybe 2 times a week 3 at max to look at her and let her climb around no more then 15 min

Feeding- I feed her 8+ crickets a day, gave her 2 horn worms a week ago crickets are in a glass cage with 24/7 access to gut loading foods

Supplements- Crickets get dusted before every feeding the crickets go into a dish for her to eat from but they have been getting out lately and she eats them with barley any powder on them since they run around the cage. I use Exo terra multi vitamin and Exo terra calcium + D3 every dusting

Watering - I have a bucket of water at the base of my cage with a pump pumping water to the top (3feet up) and it drips down threw a fake plant into the water again , and a mist every day when humidity levels get low, she gets showers some times I'll put her on a plant and put her in the shower.
I have seen her drink maybe 3 times but her urates are fine.

Fecal - She was having massive poops when I first got her like almost half the size of her body which is scary and they where brown and the urates where dark orange and very mucusie. She now has smaller poops and white urates with very little mucus I haven't taken a trip to the vet with her yet but I'm going in the morning with her

History - No previous history besides she used to live in like a 10 gallon tank at the pet store before I bought her she's been fine with me this whole time

Cage - Exo terra XL screen cage 36"x18"x36"

Lighting - Not really sure on the bulbs I'll look at that when I get home

Temp - Basking spot is 85f and cool area is 75-70f and night time is 65-60f

Humidity- is normally around 65 but I try to keep it higher at about 75 and up

Plants- Mostly fake plants besides a potho and I forget the name of the other tree like one

Placement - Cage is in a sun room surrounded by trees with natural sun light , there is a fan in the room but it doesn't bother her and there is bunnys and a snake in the room as well they don't bother her she doesn't pay attention to them, the top of the cage is Aprox. 5 feet off the ground.

Located- I live in Nova Scotia in Canada
This picture was this morning no lump until she goes to sleep the leaf is kinda in the way but you can still tell there's no lump


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Edema can fluctuate like this...sometimes appearing more prominent, then seemingly disappearing. It could be that's why she has a skin fold in her neck. When the area retains fluid the skin stretches. When the edema goes down the stretched area of skin folds. Females can develop edema during egglaying cycles. I'm not an expert on this so I don't know just why they do.
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