Luie and Camille offspring, one year old


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March 27-28, 2010 were the hatch dates for Forum user jannb's Luie and Camille clutch. For those who have chams from this clutch, let's see what the kids look like a year on! Here's Big Bad Bea:

It would be a better pic if I could take her outside, but at 31 degrees, that's not happening today.
Happy Hatch Day Bea!!! Give her a worm for me. Bea's a very special girl and was with me the longest of all the babies.....until she was 4.5 months old.
Luca is 1year old tomorrow!!! Still handsome as ever! Happy Birthday to the rest of the Gang!


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Here is Princess Annastasia. Weighing in at 162 grams!! She is set up with a laying bin but I haven't felt any eggs nor has she made any attempt to dig.

I made a calendar of all or chameleons and Anna is the pin up girl for the month of March


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more pics

Few more pictures


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GRATCH!!! As of 3/27/11 he is 177 grams! Probably going to put him on a bit of a diet soon....


This video was taken 16 days ago, so he hasn't changed too much. Would get some more recent pics, but a friend has made off with my camera for a bit!

Here's a pic of Gratch at the beginning of the month- was warm enough to get some sun!

Amanda, Luca looks so very handsome! :D Please give that little man a bday worm from me. Time flies so fast. It doesn't seem like it's been a year already.

Dez, Anna is quite the lovely lady! I got to see Anna a couple months ago and the pictures do not do her justice. She just sat on my hand and rode around like old times.:) Give her a special treat from me.
Happy Hatch Day Gatch! You are a big handsome boy. You were one of the runts in the bunch but not anymore. :) Gratch was the last male to leave me. He looks great Tyler!
Nice pictures Heather. Alice and Jasper both look great! Alice has some very unusual coloring. I love the yellow strip on both their casqued. I think they are the only two that have that. Give them both a kiss for me and I can't wait to come and see them again.
Here are pictures of Pepper, he came to live with me they left me for a guy. But he runs his new home. And now pepper




ahh i love pepper Laurie LoL giver him a big ole worm from me. where did you get him?
i got confused by the "he came to live with me they left me for a guy"
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