lucky reptile super rain...

well, I have read about promist, but I am located in Europe and I don't know if I can have it shipped to my country and even if it is possible it must be expensive...
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I've been looking into misting systems recently.

The Lucky Reptile Super Rain isn't reviewed badly overall although apparently the nozzles are slightly prone to damage and there is no timer built in, so you need to get another one (as with most systems).

A lot of people here are fans of Mist King. I've been concidering ordering one myself from US. They appear to be well made, good value for money and very flexible. Apparently the customer support via email is also very good.

I've also seen Pollywog Misting Systems available in the UK

There are possibly other ones available more close to where you live. Or you could build your own.

In the end they're all going to do the same job although perhaps some better than others and it's a matter of whether you're prepared to order from far away lands or buy locally etc.
Ive been using the super rain for nearly a year now and never had any problems, i use boiled rain water and it never blocks up the nozzles for me :D

i use it on a lucky reptile pro timer and can have anything down to 1 second bursts! The minimum I've programmed it is 5 seconds and maximum 20 though, throughout various times of the day. All the water is drained through a plug hole to a waste reservoir.

The 1 minute timers available are on far too long and will need sufficient drainage to cope with the flow.
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