LTC Nosy Be and CH BB Ambilobe Available

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You don't see top notch panther chameleons like this offered for sale very often.

This Nosy Be was hand picked by me when imported back in the middle of last year. He's a young sub adult male that is packing some serious blues for his size. This guy has acclimated well in captivity and will make a great wild caught pet.

The best of both worlds, wild caught parents and born in captivity. The Blue Bar ambilobe male is a captive hatched young male hatched out by forum member NemoRyan.

Strengthen your bloodlines with any one of these two genetically pure panthers that represent their locality very well.

Price to sell quickly!
Paypal accepted

LTC Nosy Be = 200 (Pending Sale)
CH BB Ambilobe = 225
Inquire for shipping cost.

Contact me with any questions you may have.

[email protected]


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