Love is in the air! (Pic Heavy)

Dez and Delilah

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Pantherlover and I decided to breed our pair of ambilobe panthers. The male is sired by Hollywood from Chroma and the female is sired by Higgins from Chroma as well.

They're beautiful and we hope this was a successful breeding because we can't wait to see the results of this pairing.

We decided to put them in a neutral area and since there's a huge ficus in the living room it worked well. Neither of them were aggressive or anything and it went a lot smoother than we ever could have expected.

Here's a little play by play lol



And the courting begins


"Go away, this is private!"


He REALLY fired up afterwards. It was amazing.






Sorry for all the pictures but had to share!
Thanks pantherlover, so far so good Ive only lost 5 eggs rom the 1st clutch of faly eggs, none so far on the 2nd retained clutch have molded. I think my faly female is about to lay a third clutch. I saw her heading to the laying bucket this morning.

great looking pair ya got there...Good luck with the project and can't wait to see what happens!!!
Thanks a lot guys! She's got her gravid colours on and wants nothing to do with him right now so we're pretty sure it was a successful mating. Now we play the waiting game.

We'll definitely post updates as they come. We're rookies at this so documentation is a necessity. I'm sure we'll have some questions for you experienced breeders along the way.
We are missing the after pictures of the female. Was she also basking in the glow?:rolleyes:

Haha! Not quite. She looked tired and scratched. She had a long refreshing drink and hung out in her favorite spot.

Thanks for the compliments guys and gals.
:eek: MY VIRGIN EYES :eek:
they are both gorgeous im sure the babies will be amazing :rolleyes:
i cant wait to see :p
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